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Arizonia State Troopers (AZ DPS) Perform Drug Interdiction On All Arizona Highways

Drug felonies carry severe consequences in Arizona. An experienced attorney is necessary to fight these serious charges as all counties in Arizona have specialized drug interdiction officers.

It is important to investigate whether law enforcement has violated your constitutional rights during the charging of your case.

Since these charges can carry mandatory prison sentences, it is important to gather all of the evidence in your case to determine what defenses are available.

Interstate 40 and Interstate 17 are patrolled by multiple drug interdiction agencies such as Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZ DPS), Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, Apache County Sheriff’s Office and Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.

These agencies will claim that they observed a traffic violation in order to stop your vehicle and search it for drugs. It is important that you contact our office quickly to preserve any evidence of an unconstitutional stop and search.

Law Enforcement Will Extend The Time Of The Traffic Stop Using A Drug Dog (K-9 Unit) To Sniff Your Vehicle


Law enforcement will use a K9 unit to sniff a vehicle but sometimes these dogs are improperly trained and will alert to the odor of drugs although no drugs are present in the vehicle.

The use of the dog can be challenged and any drugs found can be suppressed. Read my successful challenge to a dog sniff here.

Not all law enforcement agencies train their drug dogs properly and some agencies maintain poor record keeping practices which can help you in your case. It is important to hire a defense attorney who has experience and success in challenging drug dog sniffs and alerts. Call me at 928-779-3242 if you need help with your case.

You Will Likely Be Detained If The Officer Believes You Are Involved in Drug Transportation

Certain objects in your vehicle will cause you to be detained. Pictures of patron saints or good luck charms, no matter how innocent they may be, can lead the police to be suspicious. Most police officers believe that any reference to Jesus Malverde is an indicator of criminal activity. Read about Jesus Malverde here.


Many officers also believe that any references to Sante Muerte are also related to criminal activity.

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